Process (sample of a project for ROADBULL)

1st step: Draft sketch


Draft based on the photos tp check the likeness.


Revision:  unlimited & free

2nd step: Layout design


Sketch and design the layout based on the requirements.


Revision of the layout is unlimited & free.

3rd Step: Coloring&Framing


Based on the requirement to color the artwork and the revision of the color plan is free.

Q&A    with  Quote

1. Do you provide soft copy? 


Yes, high resolution and free for above 10pax preoder.


2. Is 15-20 pax possible (full body) on the size of a A3 paper? 




3. Can you do a customized background? 


Can, and We would design the customized background based on your requirement and would charge for $20 A3, if you use the same background for other set of the art work, no extra charges.


4. How many rounds of revision allowed without charges 


Unlimited rounds of free revision for draft and design process.


We would sent the drafts of the faces to check the likeness, and the sketch of layout based on the requirement to check the position, the background, the revision during these two process is free.


Then we would sent the color plan if there are some revision about the face likeness and the design of the layout which we already confirmed before, we would charge.


5. How many days required for the below artwork


Depends the size and the number of the faces, drawing complexities



Sample of project for Netflix with TV character theme

A3 with frame

Sample of Rolls-Royce Singapore with company building background and customized position,logo,gesture,signboard

A3 softcopy only

Solo portrait Bank of America Merrill Lynch Singapore with cowboy theme and company building.

A4 canvas

Other customized samples